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I have known Matt many years. We seem to have followed each other around in media circles allowing us to do business together in a variety of roles on a number of occasions. I have witnessed Matt mature into a digital guru. An industry innovator and leader, Matt is at the forefront of the digital world. He is charismatic and fantastic to work with. I look forward to partnering with this snappy dresser again.

Janette Wajs
Commercial Director - iCumulus

Matt is a very driven and incredibly articulate and intelligent person. He was a pleasure to work with at StyleTread and was a core member of our team from almost day 1. Matt was the marketing wizard who ensured we had a great social media strategy, SEO strategy and also a fantastic touch footy team. Matt always put his hand up to help with our PR activities and marketing events.. one week he even flew to NZ for a week to land back in Sydney very late one Friday night and was then in one of our shoe mobiles driving to Canberra on saturday to be at a sponsored event with GWS Giants. Matt is mature beyond his years and was someone that we were comfortable to put in front of a TV camera for live interviews such was the level of trust we had in him.

Mark Rowland
CEO - StyleTread

I had the great pleasure to work with Matt at StyleTread. He was super enthusiastic and worked tirelessly to build important external relationsips and was instrumental in establishing our offline marketing campaigns. Matt was always open to feedback and worked collaboratively with key stakeholders in the business and, as a Service manager I couldn't ask for more in a relationship with marketing

Alex Huntley
Customer Service Manager - StyleTread